Have you ever dreamed of having your own website? Well with our free website builder by WordPress which is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate you can have that dream.


Just a quick explanation of what Wealthy Affiliate is and is not. Firstly it is not a scam it is a legitimate training and affiliate program platform.

The framework for a free WordPress website can be built in minutes within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Only 3 simple tasks to be completed and the basis for your website is done. That means the shell only, not the content.

  1. Choose a Domain name.
  2. Choose a website name.
  3. Choose your theme.

That’s all there is to it to build the basic framework for your website, it’s now ready to be customized.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate has a brilliant training program for wannabe bloggers and affiliate marketers. The training is second to none. There is a great online community that exclusively use the free SiteRubix and WordPress website builder to create their business websites.

The training is very easy to understand with text and video explanation tutorials.  The training is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to correctly build a website for either monetary or personal use.

There are many opportunities once you have completed the Wealthy Affiliate training. Here are the skills you will acquire.

I can build a WordPress website.
I can install custom plugins and themes.
I can manage hosting. (you’ve got 25 spots on the premium account)(2 spots with the free account).
I can install SSL certificates and speed-optimize websites.
I can write SEO optimized articles and reviews.
I can do SEO audits.
I can research low competition keywords.
I can develop a 12-month affiliate site business plan.

and lots more along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate Free and Premium Accounts

The free account is just that, a free account. Once you sign up you will be a free starter, this means you have a 7-day window to enjoy the free 10 modules training program. If you decide to upgrade within that time frame you will only be charged $19 for your 1st month at Wealthy Affiliate.

Even though you will lose premium perks after 7 days, you will still have full access for as long as you wish to the first 10 free training lessons, the first 10 free Affiliate Bootcamp lessons, and your 2 free Site Rubix WordPress websites. There are some countries that are exempt from joining the free program due to the risk of fraud issues. They can only join the premium program.  These countries are listed below.

The Philippines.


The difference between the free affiliate program and the premium affiliate program commissions.

The Free Starter Membership Commissions.

$19 first month only =$4 commission.

$49 per month =$11.25 recurring commission.

$359 per year =$87.50 recurring commission.

The Premium Membership Commissions.

$19 first month only =$8 commission.

$49 per month =$23.50 recurring commission.

$349 per year =$175 recurring commission.

With a premium account, you will be paid $1 when a referral sets up their account. As you can see the premium commissions are 100% more than free starter members commissions.

There are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate (WYSIWYG) (what you see is what you get).

These commissions are for just 1 referral, imagine what you could earn with more referrals.

4 blue boxs



The Proof Wealthy Affiliate Works

Within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, there is a huge community ( 1.4 million+) of people all willing to give and get advice from other members within the community chat platform. Any member, once they have been a premium member for 3 months can start doing their own training advice blogs. If you do this you will receive credits for it which can be exchanged for cash. So that’s another avenue of earning.

The main reason I am telling you this is because many members have achieved success within Wealthy Affiliate. It all stems from the training you receive. So some of the more active members in the community chat like to let other members know how they are doing. (without bragging)

This achieves 3 things. 

  1. It lets other members know what they know already after only a couple of days of being a member, that Wealthy Affiliate works.
  2. It is also proof that Wealthy Affiliate works, as many of these successful members will show their proof of earnings by taking a screenshot of them.
  3. It gives other members inspiration to carry on, as they know that someday soon they will be in the same position.

Here is the link to a successful member of Wealthy Affiliate and the blog he wrote:

I nearly forgot to tell you, that if you sign up 300 premium members within a 1 year period you will be entitled to an all expenses paid trip to a conference at Las Vegas. WOW.

Just for inspiration, I will let you contemplate the following banners, believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

a pile of cash a lounge and a laptop



                                                                                  OR WHILE SLEEPING